Duane Neyer Motorsports (DNM) was first established in 1991 by driver and team owner Duane Neyer. DNM recently became the Southeast CSR for Spec Racer Fords, Formula E's and E Sports Racers. Boasting decades of experience, we can help with any and all of your racing needs.

Official SCCA Parts

Duane Neyer Motorsports is an official Certified Service Representative for Spec Racer Fords, Formula Enterprises and E-Sports Racers for the Southeast Division. Whether it is a simple part, or a comprehensive rebuild, we carry all of the "Official SCCA Parts" you will need to get you back on track.

Pre-Race and Post-Race Service/Maintenance

Track time is expensive. From experience we know that most of the work that makes a racecar faster and more reliable happens before it gets to the track. We have the facilites, tools, parts and knowledge to prepare your car so it is "race ready" when you get to the track. Having a "race ready" car is important so you can spend your time dialing it in for track conditions instead of tracking down small issues.

Below are some of the services we offer for race preparation:
Suspension Adjustments and Alignment
Pre and Post Track inspections
Gear Box Service
Engine Service
General Mechanical maintenance and service

Racecar Transportation Service

Can’t get to us? We can pick up and deliver your car the most safe and secure way possible. Chances are we have other cars going to the same event which makes it more affordable for all. We also offer storage in between events if needed.

Racecar Rental

Don't have a racecar, we have you covered. We have professionally maintained racecars ready for you to take to the finish line. We offer complete "Ride And Drive" programs. All you have to do is show up at the track with your license and gear. We also offer private test days for concentrated seat time.

Trackside Service

Why stress out at the track. We can take care of all of the odds and ends at the track so you can concentrate on racing. 

We offer the following services:
Racecar Transportation
Hospitality Area
Professional Crew Support
On Site Maintenance and Repairs

Driver Coaching

Need that extra edge provided by someone with extensive knowledge of the track or racecar? Need tips on a track that you haven't been to yet? Looking for that last little bit of extra speed?. We have you covered there too. Duane Neyer has an extensive racing background with all of the tracks in the Southeast as well as most of the tracks throughtout the United States and Canada. Current and Past National Champions also available along with Video Analysis.

Data Analysis

Data Aquisition is an essential part of any racing program and it is extremely important to have someone who can interpet the data. Duane Neyer has over two decades working with professional teams interpeting data on everything from a Spec Racer Ford to an IMSA Prototype. We can get both the car and driver dialed in.

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