Spec Racer Ford

With over 900 cars delivered, and two successful engine upgrades, SRF's continue to be one of the largest car groups in the SCCA.

The ultimate in spec competition. Fast, safe, and reliable, the SRF is one of the largest car groups in SCCA racing. The mainstay of SCCA Enterprises, the SRF is currently in the midst of a three year engine upgrade.


Though they look the same, the GEN 3 was introduced in 2015. These cars are everything you could ask for in a spec car. Lightweight and fast, the GEN 3 raises the bar in an already exciting class.

The "SPEC" in Spec Racing

These cars are a unique option for racing enthusiasts. All SRF's are truly one and the same. We accomplish this is by sealing the engine, transmission, ECU, and shocks. This in turn puts the emphasis on driver's ability, rather than the motor size. Everybody has a chance to run at the front, with these cars.

SRF3 Specifications:

  • Engine: Ford 1.6 Liter fuel-injected DOHC 16-valve 4-cylinder, water cooled, sealed
  • Transmission: Ford 5-speed synchronized transaxle, sealed
  • Exhaust: 4-into-1 steel tubular header
  • Maximum Shift RPM: 6750 (Rev limiter)
  • Horsepower: 132
  • Weight: 1560 lbs. (with driver)

SRF3 and SRF Common Specifications:

  • Suspension: Independent front and rear, inboard shocks actuated by rocker arms
  • Shock absorbers: Rebound adjustable, Penske gas monotube
  • Wheelbase: 92"
  • Track: Front: 57.5” Rear: 57.75”
  • Fuel: Unleaded 93 Octane or greater “pump gas”
  • Fuel capacity: Approximately 7 gallons contained in a racing fuel cell
  • Brakes: 4-wheel disc, vented rotors, single-piston calipers, cockpit adjustable bias
  • Body: Three piece fiberglass
  • Approximate Top Speed: 155 mph SRF3, 135 mph SRF
  • Wheels: Front: 13x5.5” Rear: 13x7”
  • Tires: Hoosier SRF radial: Front – 185 x 13"; Rear – 205 x 13", slick tread for dry tracks and grooved tires for rain


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